Suicidal Thoughts

Thoughts of suicide are common. The causes vary from person to person. People are sometimes afraid to talk about them because of the reaction they think they might get from other people or because they don't know for sure what the consequences are.

It is ok to tell me that you are feeling suicidal. If you do tell me that you are suicidal what I will do is ask you about what that feels like and what kind of things contribute to feeling that way. I am not required to tell anyone what you have told me unless you make me believe you are about to end you own life on leaving the office.

If you think that you might get very suicidal it might be worth talking to me in advance about what you would like me to do or who you would like me to call e.g. a family member, doctor, etc. That way you retain some control over who I talk to if I am worried about letting you leave my office alone.

A useful organisations for people who feel suicidal is:

Samaritans (24/7 telephone support, email support, face to face, and support via text message)